Bayliss Ormerod; manufacturers of transparent boxes, stitched boxes, presentation boxes and lids

Bayliss Ormerod, a Birmingham based manufacturer, went into liquidation in 2016. They specialised in transparent boxes, stitched boxes, presentation boxes and lids. We at The Bag N Box Man have acquired the domain name and email address for Baylis Ormerod, in an effort to assist potential customers who might still use the company name to find what … Continue reading “Bayliss Ormerod; manufacturers of transparent boxes, stitched boxes, presentation boxes and lids”

The Humble Paper Bag

The Humble Paper Bag!   A lot of us will remember going into a sweet shop as a child, picking up a white paper bags and filling it with sweets! To a vast majority of people a paper bag is something they pick up use, throw away and never give any more thought about. However … Continue reading “The Humble Paper Bag”

Commercial Packaging

This week we take a look at the Commercial Packaging we offer.   As you will be aware we sell bags, boxes and general packaging, but did you know we also have a more commercial range. This is great for factories, warehouses and production lines in particular. Let’s take a look at the sort of … Continue reading “Commercial Packaging”

Every Day Must Have’s

OK we are called The Bag N Box Man, and as the name suggests we sell bags and boxes (lots of them). But …. did you know that we also have a huge range of everyday products that every household or business needs and uses? Everything from cleaning products to dog poo bags ! There’s … Continue reading “Every Day Must Have’s”

Customer Focus

This week we thought we would focus on one of our long standing customers in the cafe/deli sector. It can often be daunting looking at our vast range of products, it can however be a little easier to visualise when we look at another business in a similar field. We will be choosing different business … Continue reading “Customer Focus”

Live Web Chat

It’s now even easier to find what you are looking for. We have just launched our Live Web Chat service. Simply click on the ‘chat’ button in the bottom right hand corner and start a live chat with one our our Sales staff.

Eco Cleaning Range

We dont just sell bags and boxes! We have a full range of Cleenol Eco Cleaning Products in stock. At a massive discount on what you will pay for similar products in the supermarket. We can supply just one bottle of washing up liquid or a 5 litre tub for the catering trade. Check out … Continue reading “Eco Cleaning Range”

Versatile Packaging Options

Clear Jetran Tubing Lets take a look at one of the most versatile packaging options we sell. Whenever we exhibit at trade shows this is one of the most requested products … why, well let take a closer look.   Size Options We sell no less than 8 different size options of this tubing, this … Continue reading “Versatile Packaging Options”

Packaging Makes The Product!

Packaging as we all know is probably the most important factor in marketing your products. The taste can be great, the product can look fantastic and the price can be amazing …… but if the packaging doesn’t shout at you on the shelf then people simply wont pick it up. Packaging doesn’t have to be … Continue reading “Packaging Makes The Product!”

What’s in the Sale?

Lets take a closer look at some of the bargains we have in our SALE section We always have end of line products, items from bankrupt stock or even item made in error by factories all over the UK. As a result we have a vast range of items on offer. These are limited stocks … Continue reading “What’s in the Sale?”

Our SALE has started

New Year Sale   We have added loads of new items into our SALE. Get yourself a bargain, we have limited stock of these items and when they are gone that is it. Lots of bargains to be had

Boxing Day Sale

Not long to go! Our Sale starts on Boxing Day. We have added loads of new items to the Sale Section and all will be available from Boxing Day. Watch out for our Newsletter or check the Blog or Facebook for details of all the items available at bargain prices.