Carrier Bags

Polythene Carrier Bags

It’s all about carrier bags!

In the news this past week there has been an awful lot of talk about carrier bags, for all the right reasons. So we are going to be topical and on-trend and show you what we have to offer!

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Carrier Bags Range

Printed Polythene Carrier Bags – bio-degradable!

Printed polythene carrier bags

All bags are produced with Photo-Bio Degradable Polythene as standard. This product has a 12 month shelf life. A great environmentally friendlier alternative to plastic bags!

Printed Polythene Carrier Bags

Biodegradable Carrier Bags

Biodegradable Carrier Bags

They are excellent quality, will store for approximately 24 months (under normal conditions) before starting to degrade, a good bag at an affordable price.

Biodegradable Carrier Bags

Paper Carrier Bags

brown paper carrier bags

We have two types of paper carrier bags, with flat or twisted handles. Both made of renewable sources (trees!) so they are the obvious, environmentally friendlier choice. We can even print on paper carrier bags!

Flat Handles Paper Carrier Bagsbrown or white

Twisted Handles Paper Carrier Bagsbrown or white

Printed Paper Carriers With Twisted Handles

American Style Grocery Bags

block bottom paper bags

The Americans have been doing this for years! Simple, effective, low cost and environmentally friendly. What is not to like about these sacks?

Paper Sacks

Canvas and Jute Carrier Bags

Canvas and Jute Bag

A range of re-useable cotton and jute carrier bags.

Canvas and Jute Carrier Bags