Polystyrene V’s Cardboard

When it comes to packaging your food, you can’t afford to get it wrong! When it comes to food boxes, the choices are endless really… Do you go with cardboard? Easy to recycle and easy to stack flat, saving you valuable space if you are running a catering van with limited space. Maybe you prefer … Continue reading “Polystyrene V’s Cardboard”

Hats, Dresses, Shoes (& Trilby’s)

Product Focus   I must admit while writing this in 2017 I did not think I would be talking about Trilby storage !! But you’d be surprised how many people still want a Trilby box. Anyway, lets take a look at the various special storage boxes we have in stock.   Trilby Box Exactly as … Continue reading “Hats, Dresses, Shoes (& Trilby’s)”

The Humble Paper Bag

The Humble Paper Bag!   A lot of us will remember going into a sweet shop as a child, picking up a white paper bags and filling it with sweets! To a vast majority of people a paper bag is something they pick up use, throw away and never give any more thought about. However … Continue reading “The Humble Paper Bag”

Commercial Packaging

This week we take a look at the Commercial Packaging we offer.   As you will be aware we sell bags, boxes and general packaging, but did you know we also have a more commercial range. This is great for factories, warehouses and production lines in particular. Let’s take a look at the sort of … Continue reading “Commercial Packaging”

Packaging Makes The Product!

Packaging as we all know is probably the most important factor in marketing your products. The taste can be great, the product can look fantastic and the price can be amazing …… but if the packaging doesn’t shout at you on the shelf then people simply wont pick it up. Packaging doesn’t have to be … Continue reading “Packaging Makes The Product!”

What’s in the Sale?

Lets take a closer look at some of the bargains we have in our SALE section We always have end of line products, items from bankrupt stock or even item made in error by factories all over the UK. As a result we have a vast range of items on offer. These are limited stocks … Continue reading “What’s in the Sale?”

Our SALE has started

New Year Sale   We have added loads of new items into our SALE. Get yourself a bargain, we have limited stock of these items and when they are gone that is it. Lots of bargains to be had

Making a Box Stronger

Do you need to make your box stronger? Here’s another handy tip on how to do that easily. All our videos can be found on our YouTube Channel

Tuesday’s Top Tip

How to make a box smaller If you have a box and you need to make it smaller, here’s a handy tip for you. It saves on loads of packing inside the box and gives you just the size you need. You can check out all our videos on our YouTube Channel

Today’s Top Tip

If you have an item that’s a bit too big for your corrugated box, here’s a useful tip for you to make it bigger.

Christmas Packaging Range

As Christmas approaches, we thought it would be a good idea to get together all our festive items and let you know what we can offer. We have a large range of bags, boxes, wrapping, packing etc in stock, here’s a list of the more festive items to help you this Christmas.   Festive Boxes … Continue reading “Christmas Packaging Range”

Christmas is Coming!

Our Christmas Range   We have a large selection of Christmas products for you to choose from. In the video below we go through some of the main items. If you cannot see what you need just pick up the phone and we will be happy to help 01295 788522