The 9 best alternatives to plastic bags

Paper Carrier Bags

Paper Bags are made from a renewable source and biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable.

We have many types in stock and they are all available with next day delivery as an option. Below we have listed the nine best alternatives to plastic bags.

We can customise most of these products for you. See our custom packaging page for more information – or please call us on 01295 788522 as we have many other options not publicised as yet.

White Bags

The classic bag – the same white bags as you would find in bakeries and food stores.
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Brown Bags

Another classic bag – the same brown bags as you would find on market stalls.
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Paper Carrier Bags

Available in white or brown, and with flat handles or twisted paper handles. These paper carrier bags are a strong grade and the only realistic alternative to plastic carrier bags.
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Block Bottom Bags

Just like the American style Grocery Bags – these paper bags are strong and can hold a lot of weight. available in white or brown.
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Brown Paper Sacks

These paper sacks are similar to the sacks you would buy potatoes in. Ideal for paper recycling, very strong and totally bio-degradable.
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Coloured Bags

Coloured bags – ideal for gifts.
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Pattern Design Coloured Bags

Coloured bags with a geometric pattern.
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Coloured Paper Satchel Bags

Premium-looking coloured bags, perfect for gifts.
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Striped Paper Confectionery Bags

Coloured sweet bags with stripes – the classic design you would expect to find in any sweet shop in the UK.
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