Clear Round Boxes – How To Order

Our clear round box is a brilliant product – but does require a little bit of explaining for the first time user.

Either watch our video below, or follow the steps on this page to learn how to buy this product.

Alternatively, give us a call on 01295 788522 and we will be only too happy to help you.

Clear Round Boxes – Video

Clear Round Boxes – step-by-step

This product comes as a flat, pre-glued sleeve on a continuous roll. Sold by the metre. You cut it to the required length depending on the desired height of your box.

Step 1 – Choose your diameter / width

  • The internal width of the sleeve at it’s widest point is the diameter
  • Choose your prefered diameter from the options on the clear round boxes page
  • More information on measuring which diameter you need is at the bottom of the page

Step 2 – Choose the length / height

  • The sleeve is sold by the metre
  • You cut it yourself to the lengths you require
  • The sleeve comes to you on a continuous roll
  • More information on measuring which diameter you need is at the bottom of the page

Step 3 – Choose your end-caps

  • The end-caps are crucial!
  • You need one for each end
  • White, clear, or both
  • The end-caps give the clear box it’s strength and shape
  • You will need to allow for the height of the end caps, as they sit inside the sleeve and take up space

How to measure

  1. The product you need to package has a width – measure this at it’s widest point
  2. This width will tell you what the minimum diameter is that you need our sleeve to be
  3. Your product will also have a height, measure it from top to bottom
  4. Now you know the width and height of your product, you can choose the diameter from the available options
  5. How many boxes do you need? Multiply the amount of boxes you need, by the height of your product
  6. This will give you the total length of sleeve that you need to order
  7. You will need to allow up to 1cm per end cap, per box, as they do take up a little bit of space

Measurement example – case study

In this example we need to package 25 cakes!

  • They sit on a 6 inch round cake board.
  • The cakes are 26 cm high, including the height of the cake topper

The measurements of the cake, at it’s widest point and the highest point are as follows:

  • Width: 6″ (15.1cm)
  • Height: 10 1/5″ (26cm)

So, in this case we need a 6 inch diameter sleeve, and each sleeve needs to be 26cm high.

We need to allow for the end caps too, so we will round that up by 4cm. We need to cut the sleeve to 30cm each.

The sleeve length you need is 25 boxes multiplied by the 30cm height, so: 30cm x 25 = 750cm.

As we sell by the metre, you will need to order 8 metres in this cake, I mean in this case!

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