Cellophane Bags

The well-known “Clear Cellophane Bags”. We have four different styles of cellophane bag in stock and available with next day delivery as an option.

Our clear bags are certified food safe, and are actually made from food-safe polypropylene – and not cellophane. These bags are often confused with the biodegradable cellophane bags that we now stock.

The Clear Gussetted Bags are so named as they have a gusset down the side – which is a fold of the plastic material that allows the bag to be expanded to hold more contents.

These clear bags can be sealed with a heat-sealer, sellotape, staples, raffia or your own sticker. You can even add a header card to these clear bags.

Gussetted Cellophane Bags

The classic clear bag.

Gussetted Cellophane Bottle Bags

The clear bags expand to allow for a wide bottle to be inserted.

Gussetted Cellophane Bags with a Silver Board Base

The clear bags have a silver board base so that they can stand up. The silver adds a nice premium touch.

Gussetted Bags with a Square Base

These clear bags have a square base to allow them to stand unassisted.