Clear Round Boxes – Information

Please Read: It only takes a minute or two to read this page. It explains as best as we can how to order this product. If you read this page or watch the video it should be very easy to understand.

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Clear Round Boxes – Video

Clear Round Boxes – Simple Instructions

  • This box is available in 7 widths / diameters (from 2 inch to six inch – no bigger currently), and almost ANY height.
  • We supply the clear sleeve of the box on a flat, pre-glued roll, by the metre.
  • All you need to do is cut this roll to the length required and pop in the end caps.

Step 1: Choose your width (diameter)

You need to measure your product at its widest point, and perhaps allow a little bit more room for manoeuvring.

Available widths:

    1. 57mm (2 ¼”)
    2. 64mm (2 ½”)
    3. 76mm (3″)
    4. 89mm (3 ½”)
    5. 102mm (4″)
    6. 127mm (5″)
    7. 152mm (6″)

Step 2: Choose the height – to give you the length!

We sell the clear sleeve by the metre. How tall do you need the box to be? How many boxes do you need? By doing a simple sum you will now know how much you need to order.


I am packing ten individual bottles. They are 40 cm in height. I therefore need 4 metres.

The sum is: height x amount of boxes, so in this case 40cm x 10 = 400cm

In this case I would have a roll of 4 metres, and I would cut it to the lengths required – to give me the height of the box. So I would end up with ten pieces of 40cm lengths of the clear sleeve.

All I need now to make this up into a sturdy box is the end caps.

Step 3: Choose the end caps

The end caps slot inside the lengths of clear sleeve to give it its shape. You can have clear, white, or both. The white end cap is the strongest and a common combination is one white end cap and one clear end cap for each box.

Questions? Give us a call on 01295 788522 – we are only too happy to help.

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