Environmental Policy

We recognise that our operations have the potential to adversely affect the environment. We try very hard to produce as little waste as possible, this also keeps our costs down, so that we can offer our customers better prices.

In addition to any regulatory requirements, we also do the following:

Packaging our goods

Since we started our company, we have been using as much recycled material in our products as possible, and will continue to do so. All containers used in our despatch department are recycled, they are sourced from local businesses that would otherwise throw them away. We re-use these where we can, to send out our products.

Sourcing our products

We try wherever possible to source products from sustainable sources, the vast majority of our products are 100% recyclable.

Custom made boxes

Our custom made boxes are produced from up to 90% recycled board, the rest is made from managed forests and there may be some clay coating.

Special covering papers

We use various suppliers for our covering papers, all of which are able to supply us with a statement of origin and recyclable qualities upon request.

Our paper carrier bags

For environmental info on our paper carrier bags please click here.

Waste card & paper

Any Waste Card or paper generated from our box making division, gets passed on to local schools, who use these items in their Art/Craft Lessons. We also shred any left over paper, card etc and use these in our packaging.

Energy use

We try and use the most efficient lighting in our work areas and use water saving devices where possible.

Cleaning products

We use our own range of cleaning products that are all Eco Friendly, you can also purchase these and view our full cleaning products range on-line.

Bio range

To make it a bit easier, we have listed all our Eco/Bio products in one section. Please view our bio range for full details.