Clear Oval Boxes

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How To Order?

The end caps (in step 1 below) define the shape, and the measurements for these end caps are given below in the format of width x depth. You will need two end caps per length, and the clear sleeve (step 2).

The sleeve comes flat on a continuous roll, and is priced per metre. To make the shape up you simply cut the sleeve to the length you need and pop the end caps into the end – hey presto!

View our short video for a quick visual guide, then scroll down and add the items to your basket.

Measuring the right size

If you want to know how to measure the correct diameter and length, scroll to the very bottom of the page for our easy guide.

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How to measure your products

In order to choose the correct container, you need to know how big the product that you are putting inside it is.

You can see from the photos that the oval end caps do take up some of the space inside the sleeve, you will need to allow for this in your measurements.

The height of the box is up to you – the clear sleeve is sold by the metre on a continuous roll and all you need to do is cut it to the required length, and pop in the end caps.

The measurements given on the end caps are width x depth, meaning that the larger measurement is the width of the oval box at it’s widest point. The smaller measurement is the depth of the box at it’s widest point. These two measurements are taken from the centre of the box, and they taper our and meet at the ends, or sides of the box.

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