Valentine’s Day Packaging

This Valentine’s Day make sure you’re ready with the right packaging!

We’ve collated a list of our favourite Valentine’s Day packaging options;

Glossy Carrier Bags

Various sizes and colours available – including a lovely glossy Valentine’s Day Red!

Gusseted bags

These bags are made of food safe cellophane and are ideal for sweets, chocolates and confectionery in general.

Coloured Twist Ties

These are perfect for sealing your gusseted bags, above!

Raffia String

Use them as a bag sealer, or wrap around packaging as you would a ribbon – and it adds a nice, colourful and textured touch to your product.

Coloured Polythene Carrier Bags

Available in many sizes and colours – the humble polythene carrier.

Cone Food Bags

Like our gusseted food bags above, these are food safe and ideal for sweets and treats

Organza Bags

These cure little bags are excellent quality and add a nice, classy touch to your product.

Brown Gift Boxes

Want a nice presentation or gift box to put your Valentine’s Day items in? These are available in many sizes and colours.

White Gift Boxes

Jewellery Gift Boxes

Beautiful card jewellery boxes with a white wadding insert.

Favour Boxes

Cute little gift boxes.

Tissue Paper

Available in pink, red and many other colours!